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Susan Prescott Havers, Chef de Cuisine

About Us and The Historic Elk Mountain Hotel


Susan Prescott-Havers Owner & Chef de Cuisine


Susan was born under a wandering star; British by birth but growing up in Kenya, Africa before attending Durham University in England for an Arabic and Economics degree,


After a period as a research analyst at the British Foreign Office she entered the commercial world in administrative, marketing and account management roles in England, Bahrain, Jordan, Belgium, France and the USA. Her life time passion for food and wine led her to attend l’Ecole de Cordon Bleu in Paris where she obtained the prestigious Grande Diplôme in cuisine and patisserie in 1988. She also has post-grad qualifications in marketing and naturopathic nutrition and has completed programs at Cornell School of Hotel Management and Steven Spurrier's L'Academie du Vin wine school in Paris. She owned her own restaurant and catering business in Brussels, Belgium for 4 years including external catering for large corporations and embassies.


Susan loves preparing country style food with more than a hint of Europe plus a few delightful surprises whilst occasionally catering extravagant gourmet dinners to more discerning food cognoscenti.


She has taught cooking skills to young people in France and at the Peninsula Boys and Girls Club of America in California. Susan has also counseled adults who wish to improve their culinary skills in short but intensive culinary retreats.


Arthur shares Susan's wanderlust having lived in Sweden, Switzerland, Bahrain, Jordan, Belgium, France, Texas and California before moving to Wyoming late in 2006. In fact he met Susan in Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf. His career wallows around international marketing , business and corporate development with such diverse companies as Mobil Oil, American Express, DHL International, Federal Express and E*Trade Financial as well as stints in between with smaller concerns in the real estate and financial services, investment banking, consulting, research and fashion industries. He has directed start-up projects in Japan, Australia, France, Germany, China and Scandinavia and for one semester lectured on International marketing at a European Business school.

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The Historic Elk Mountain HotelWyoming: Our Perspective


“Welcome to ‘The Big Empty’, think of us as just a small town with very long streets rather than a state.” they said when we arrived to take over The Historic Elk Mountain Hotel.


For us Wyoming epitomizes the allure of the genuine American west. The word Wyoming evokes the magic and spirit of the American West in imagination, myth and reality.


This Western Spirit really does thrive to this day in the ‘Cowboy’ state, also called the ‘Equality’ state. Wyoming is a state of mind where you can feed your soul from it’s spectacular vastness The name Wyoming has its origins in an Algonquin word meaning "large prairie place." We think it should mean,” Vast place where your spirit can soar forever.” Because that’s what it feels like.


Wyoming is breathtakingly beautiful; from its high plains to its towering mountains, from hidden lakes to pristine forests, Wyoming is like no place on Earth but don’t tell everybody. Let’s keep it a secret that we can share so we can all enjoy the wide open spaces, the stunning vistas, the skies that stretch forever, the impossible to forget mountain views, the sheer exultation of the fresh air, the sometimes over the top western ‘breezes’, the great food and most of all the friendly, independent and hospitable people who live here, especially those at The Historic Elk Mountain Hotel.


You’ll be heartily welcomed to Wyoming and the hotel any time of the year.

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The Tropics of Wyoming

We also feel that America should have its own equator. This is currently unimaginatively disguised as the Interstate 80 crossing Wyoming just 3 miles north of The Historic Elk Mountain Hotel. It’s derived from the old Lincoln Highway, which was the first road to join the East and West Coasts of the United States from Times Square in New York City to Lincoln Park in San Francisco. The Lincoln Highway became known as "The Main Street Across America", a nickname that, even today, remains synonymous with the famous old road. So let’s redefine it once again as the American Equator. Then we can really say that The Historic Elk Mountain Hotel is in the warm and balmy Tropics of Wyoming!!


Did I mention that Wyomingites have a great sense of humor?

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