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Ranch Activities at The Historic Elk Mountain Hotel

Experience a Genuine Western Ranch

Through an alliance with M&M Ranch Vacations we can offer our hotel guests the chance of enjoying a real western ranching experience just 20 miles of easy access north of the hotel. The ranch lays in the Medicine Bow and Shirley Basins in an area teeming with nature and wildlife. It covers about 35,000 acres and has a herd of 3500+ cattle.

Nostalgia for the American west is a state of mind and a deep emotional feeling experienced by people all over the world. The feelings center upon the cowboy spirit embodies by the freedom of wide open ranges, big skies, high plains prairies, sage brush and the cowboy and his horse riding the herd.

Here in Wyoming ranching is a way of life steeped in western tradition where the horse remains an essential partner in the day's work.

Horseback Riding
So take a break from the humdrum and stressful life of crowded cities and be a cowboy or a cowgirl on a authentic working ranch: Take a ½ day horseback ride amidst the beautiful scenery on the open range or spend a few days as an unpaid hired hand herding cattle, calving, chasing down mavericks, branding steers, riding the fence line and other dirty hands and dusty boots fun.

Stay in the saddle till it becomes an uncomfortable second nature. Improve your riding skills; learn new ones whilst experiencing the reality of Wyoming ranch life. This isn't a dude ranch experience so come prepared and don't expect any 'nose to tail' riding here.

Ride trails used by the Sioux, Cheyenne and other tribes who used to hunt Buffalo in the region. Discover teepee circles and enjoy the wildlife from birds to big game and near day's end shoot a few 'clays' whilst watching the sun set over The Shirley mountain range and over the vast bulk of Elk Mountain before returning to the hotel for hot showers to ease your sore body, fine dining and welcoming beds.

Costs: A ½ day ride (about 4 hours) from $150 per person. This is an ideal introduction for the novice and a good warm up for the experienced rider with less time to play.
Full day ride from $300 per person.

All rides are for a minimum of two and a maximum of 4 persons. For larger groups and corporate event days please contact M&M directly.

The Round-Up. In early October visitors have an opportunity to participate in the real deal of an authentic western cattle round-up.
For experienced riders only as you will be in the saddle from before
sunrise to after sunset. So be prepared to 'on board' your horse for up to 12
hours with the possibility of spending a night camping under western starry skies!
During the round-up you will assist and gather up to 3000 head of cattle from
all corners of the thousands of acres of the ranch. This is a minimum three day extravaganza and costs from $900 per person.

Spring Cattle Drive: From mid May to June visitors can participate in a real cattle
drive. Moving the herd from the ranch to the summer range. Costs are from
$300 per day. For specific dates please call M&M


Wildlife Tours

Maybe the next day you spend time on a nature hike in hills and valleys teeming with
small song birds, waterfowl, eagles and hawks looking out for badgers, moose,
antelope, wildcats, deer, rare ferrets and prairie dog colonies. All tours are fully guided.
Please bring cameras and binoculars.
½ day hike $150
Full day hike $300

After your hike return to the hotel for a well earned dinner and a good night's sleep.

If hunting is more your sport then M and M Ranch Vacation offers the following: Deer
and Antelope, Bison, and predation hunting of Prairie Dogs and Coyotes. All hunts are
fully guided by experts who know the territory extremely well and rifle sighting and meat
processing are easily facilitated. M&M can even provide rifles and shotguns for
international visitors. Prices indicated below do not include meals and accommodation.

All hunts are for a minimum of two days except for Antelope which has a three day
minimum and Deer a five day minimum. All hunts, except Prairie Dogs and Coyotes, are
for trophy caliber animals.

Hunting Price List
Antelope from $1200
Deer from $2995
Deer and Antelope from $3900
Bison. Bull Bison from $2900 and Cow Bison from $1900
Prairie Dogs and Coyotes from $150 per day per hunter

Please check with for regulations and
fees etc.

For more information visit

or call Tracy at +1-307-379-2215



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